David was born in London in 1964 and went to Westminster School and Edinburgh University. He read History and English Literature, specialising in the Italian Renaissance, and Russian Literature and Society. For a long time he had dreams of being an actor, did a drama course and worked in the theatre. But writing beckoned too and he became a freelance travel journalist. It took him to some amazing places, but not as many as sitting down to write his first children’s novel.

His inspirations are many, but although he lives in a city, nature and the wild have always played a big part in his writing. Perhaps it was the rich memories of part of his childhood growing up in Wales, or just the wonderful animal books he has read.

He writes wherever he is, usually on a laptop. One of the best things his writing has brought him is the response from readers, because children are both the most demanding and appreciative of critics. One of the worst is the embarrassment of a terrifyingly bad presentation he made at the Hay-on-Wye book festival, when he was so nervous that he didn’t notice the microphone sinking to the floor, and in the end had to throw a speech away all together, which brought a big sigh of relief from everyone in the room. He does not only write children’s books, but has written a musical, two adult novels and is currently working on a thriller.

David currently lives in London, but always has itchy feet.