Tips On Replacing Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Battery

Finding the right replacement battery is very important to your Chrysler PT Cruiser’s performance. If you find that the old battery is not keeping the vehicle on the road or in some cases causes overheating of the engine, then it could be time to replace it with a new one. The older batteries are prone to not having proper voltage regulation, so there are better chances that they will fail at some point in time. This is especially true for cars with a limited range of driving features, like a boat, golf cart or ATV.

There are many reasons why a battery fails on a Chrysler PT Cruiser. First of all, as with most vehicles, the electrical system in a car needs to be maintained. It is vital that any replacement part is compatible with the electrical system in the car so that it will work properly when installed. Chrysler PT Cruiser owners can search for replacement parts online, or they can visit their dealers for specific replacement parts. The official replacement battery for your car should be the same size as the one that came with the car. Chrysler PT Cruiser Battery Group Size refers to the dimension in inches that the battery is manufactured in, and does not include the thickness of the wires or the mounting bolt pattern.

After installing the correct battery replacement for your vehicle, it is necessary to connect the electrical components to properly. Connecting the alternator to the battery may require some assistance from someone who has extra experience with electrical components. If the battery failure does not cause any trouble with your vehicle’s electrical system, then all you need to do is replace the alternator with a fully functional one. Be sure to check the charging system as well, and make sure that the new alternator matches the charging circuit.

Your new best battery for PT Cruiser should be ready to use by the time the alternator is installed, but you can accelerate away if the charging system does not detect the right level of power. To be on the safe side, have the charging system tested before you start using your new battery. Also, it is a good idea to let the charging system drain completely before you install your new battery, and remember to charge the new battery fully before driving the vehicle again.

Finally, before installing the new battery and charging system, turn off the power to the electrical components. It is a good idea to disconnect the battery’s Negative Lock System (NLS), as well. If you are going to install your new battery without removing the negative locking bolt, then you must first engage the locking mechanism using the screws that are provided with the system. Remove the hood and locate the positive locking bolts (or positive locks) on the left side of your CPO and loosen them. Then remove the negative locking bolts and tap out the old battery.The electrical components will need to be reassembled before replacing the battery in your Chrysler PT Cruiser. If your battery is new, you may need to purchase an original mounting bracket to ensure proper installation of the new battery and charging system. Reinstall the battery cables, wires and the terminals, then reconnect the positive cable and bolt the positive locking mechanism into place. Reconnect the negative cable, and attach the negative cable to the negative lock bolt provided with your new battery. Cap the battery, then re-connect the terminals and reattach the battery to the vehicle’s electrical system.

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